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Compensation Program Objectives and Process


Compensation Program Objectives


The executive compensation program is designed to help the Company achieve the objectives that are reflected in the Compensation Committee's Charter that is available on the Company's website at in the "Investors - Corporate Governance" section. Please note that the information on the Company's website is not incorporated by reference in this Proxy Statement. The Compensation Committee's executive compensation objectives for NEOs are as follows:



Motivating the Company's NEOs to create maximum shareholder value.



Providing incentives to the Company's NEOs that reward dedication, hard work and success.



Providing a compensation program that ensures "pay for performance".



Aligning the interests of the Company's NEOs and shareholders as closely as possible.



Aligning the interests of the Company's NEOs and the Company's external fund investors as closely as possible.



Creating the right mix of long-term incentives to motivate and retain the Company's NEOs.



Creating an incentive compensation program that can go beyond the Company's NEOs and be utilized throughout the organization.


The following sections describe the components of the Company's executive compensation program and the process for determining the compensation of the NEOs. The process includes input from the CEO (except with respect to his own compensation), the Compensation Committee and the Board of Trustees and an objective review of the Company's performance, the individual NEOs performance and the performance of the business unit that reports to each individual NEO. For a discussion of compensation for the members of the Board of Trustees, see "Board of Trustees Compensation," below.


How We Determine Executive Compensation


Compensation Committee


CEO and Company Management


Compensation Consultant

Exercises independent discretion with respect to executive compensation matters

Administers our equity incentive programs, including reviewing and approving equity grants to our NEOs

Recommends individual targets and actual compensation for the executive officers

Evaluates performance, determines and approves compensation levels for the CEO


CEO provides input on individual performance and results against key business goals

Provides additional information as requested by the Compensation Committee


Advises the Committee on competitive benchmarking on pay levels, practices, and governance trends

Assists with peer group selection and analysis

Reviews and advises on recommendations, plan design and measures