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ACADIA REALTY TRUST filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/26/2019
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Lorrence T. Kellar, age 81


Professional Experience: Mr. Kellar has been a Trustee of the Company since November 2003 and is an "audit committee financial expert" as that term is defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). Mr. Kellar was Vice President at Continental Properties, a retail and residential developer from November 2002 until his retirement in November 2009. He recently retired as chairman of Multi-Color Corporation and also retired from the boards of Frisch’s Restaurant, Inc., and the Spar Group. Prior to joining Continental Properties in 2002, Mr. Kellar served as Vice President of Real Estate with Kmart Corporation from 1996 to 2002. From 1965 to 1996, Mr. Kellar served with The Kroger Co., the country's largest supermarket company, where his final position was Group Vice President of Finance and Real Estate. Mr. Kellar is also a member of the NACD.


Trustee Qualifications: The Board believes Mr. Kellar's qualifications to sit on the Board include his extensive real estate development, public company board, asset management and mergers and acquisitions experience, as well as financial expertise. Highlights of these qualifications include Mr. Kellar's:



over 40 years of real estate operating and development experience;


extensive experience managing financial functions, including general accounting, audit, finance, and treasury;


qualification as an "audit committee financial expert" as that term is defined by the SEC;


service on the boards of directors of eight public companies, including his service as the chair on two of those boards;


service as chair of both the City of Cincinnati and Kroger pension funds;


past service as chair of the Bartlett Management Trust mutual fund group; and


involvement in a number of mergers and acquisitions transactions while with Kroger, U.S. Shoe, BT Office Products International and Multi-Color Corporation.


Wendy Luscombe, age 67


Professional Experience: Ms. Luscombe has been a Trustee of the Company since May 2004. Since 1994 Ms. Luscombe has worked independently including being master advisor to the Prudential, PLC of the U.K. on its US real estate strategy and also asset managing its retail properties. From 1989 to 1994, Ms. Luscombe was based in London and was Chief Executive Officer of Taylor Woodrow Construction's urban renewal subsidiary, responsible for its London Dockland developments. She also worked on the Russian and Australian projects of a private developer. Prior to that, Ms. Luscombe was Chief Executive Officer of Pan American Properties, Inc. a New York based public REIT sponsored by the British Coal Pension Funds. During the same period, she was also Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Buckingham Holdings, Inc. the U.S. private equity investor of the British Coal Pension Funds. As CEO she was responsible for the unsolicited takeover of two publicly traded REITs. Ms. Luscombe has sat on the boards of both public and private companies in both the U.S. and Europe, including the Zweig Fund and Zweig Total Return Fund where she was Co-Lead Director from 2005-2013 and Deutsche Bank's International Real Estate Opportunity Funds (1A and B) where she was Chair of the Management Oversight Committee. She previously sat on the board of PXRE/Argo Reinsurance Company where she served as Chair of the Investment Committee. Ms. Luscombe is also a member of the NACD and served as a member of NACD's teaching faculty, a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Her government and not for profit board service includes the Board of Governors of NAREIT, the Real Estate Advisory Committee for the New York State Common Retirement Fund and the Commission for the New Towns, a U.K. Government entity. She received her degree in Estate Management from Oxford Brookes University.


Trustee Qualifications: The Board believes Ms. Luscombe's qualifications to sit on the Board include her extensive real estate operational background, CEO experience, asset management experience, extensive board service and strong corporate governance, information security and risk management background. Highlights of these qualifications include Ms. Luscombe's:



experience as the CEO of a public equity REIT;


experience as the CEO of a UK urban renewal developer;


experience as the chief investment officer in the United States for a foreign pension fund and a real estate advisor to a U.S. pension fund;


experience in a variety of real estate asset types including, among others, regional malls, community shopping centers and mixed use;


service as an independent director for over 30 years, including service on audit, compensation, investment and nominating and corporate governance committees. and service as a co-lead director and committee chairs;


experience as one of the first governors of NAREIT;


successful launch of two successful contested REIT takeovers;