Dividend Reinvestment

Our plan offers you the ability to:

  • Buy shares conveniently and economically either by direct debit to your bank account or by check.
  • Invest amounts as low as $25 per month through automatic bank deductions.
  • Reinvest cash dividends by purchasing additional Common Stock of Acadia Realty Trust with your dividend funds directly through the Plan.
  • If you choose not to reinvest your dividends, you may elect to have your dividend funds deposited directly into your own bank account by electronic funds transfer.
  • Sell or transfer shares of Acadia Realty Trust Common Stock held in your Plan account.
  • Deposit some or all of the shares of common stock of Acadia Realty Trust currently held by you in stock certificate form into your Plan account for safekeeping.
  • Withdraw some or all of your shares and receive a certificate at any time should you request.
  • Complete all your share transactions including purchases, sales and requests for certificates on the Internet.

You may view the plan materials online as well as complete your investment online. You may log on to the plan administrator's website (American Stock Transfer & Trust Company) and select "Ticker" and type in "AKR" on the left side of the page.

Invest Online Alternatively, you may request materials by mail.

Mail Materials (type "mail DRIP material" in comment area)